I'm a walking Harlequin. Undead Soldier. Latina. Bat-Family fanatic. Addicted to a certain fictional character and person. Tend to be somewhat sadistic.


Harley Quinn #9


Injustice: Gods Among Us Annual #1

written by Tom Taylor
art by Xermanico, Mike S. Miller, Bruno Redondo, & Jonas Trindade


omg Harley

Are you kiddin’? It’s my neighborhood. I can handle myself.

Harley Quinn #10

H a r l e y  Q u i n n


Harley Quinn #012.


endless list of my favourite comic characters (10/?) - Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn


Since you like flowers so much you can have mine.


"Some of the villains she touched went to rehab, and a couple even went straight entirely. Who’da thunk?"

From Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #2, by Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver


Add this to the list of things I never knew I needed: Wonder Woman,Cat Woman and Harly Quinn Team up.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman # 2


"We’ve all selected the wrong partners, all gotten hurt, and hopefully all moved on wiser for the experience. But there are those who, even in the face of constant disappointment, continue to believe that the intensity of their desire will be rewarded by an eventual jackpot of affection. And if that’s the slot machine you’re playing, friend, you’d better leave the casino ‘cause that one don’t pay out"
-Paul Dini

BATMAN: MAD LOVE (Feb. 1994)
Art by Bruce Timm & Rick Taylor
Words by Paul Dini